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Huai'an is Constructing a Quality City

To implement the spirit of the 2020 Jiangsu quality conference and realize the goal of constructing Huai'an into a new "green highland and hub", Huai'an made innovative and practical measures to improve its quality work and promote high-quality development of the economy and society of Huai'an.

First, accelerate the construction of quality brands in a down-to-earth manner by implementing the quality improvement strategy. All units concerned should strengthen their responsibilities, create well-known brands and quality benchmarks, and summarize successful experiences and practices. They should also strive for high marks in the national and provincial quality assessment this year.

Second, improve the quality of products and services and optimize the supply structure. The attention should be focused on Huai'an production, Huai'an construction, and Huai'an service to improve the pass rate of spot-check supervision of product quality. The government should strengthen the quality awareness of the construction enterprises and cultivate service brands.

Third, consolidate the foundation of quality work and promote the advancement of quality technologies. The emphasis should be laid on the standardization strategy, the certification of measurement, the improvement of inspection and testing, and the construction of talent teams.

Fourth, actively build a modern quality management system to create a good ecology for quality development. We should give full play to all departments, enterprises, and individuals concerned to improve the quality work. We should also continue to strengthen the responsibilities of different departments, optimize the development environment, enhance the supervision, and carry forward the quality culture.