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The 15th China International Hairy Crab Festival of the Hongze Lake Opens

The opening ceremonies of the 2020 Chinese farmers' harvest festival, the 15th China international hairy crab festival of the Hongze Lake, and the 2020 Hongze Lake litchi e-commerce festival were held at Guyan Fisherman Bay of the Hongze Lake on Sept. 2020. The mayor Chen Zhichang, Zhou Bin, deputy director of the Radio and Television Station of Jiangsu Province and general manager of Jiangsu Radio and Television Group Co., Ltd., and Yuan Rijin, chief animal husbandry engineer of the Agriculture and Rural Department of Jiangsu, attended the ceremony.

In recent years, Chen Zhichang said, the Hongze district has been trying to market the lake foods typified by hairy crabs on the internet so that they could be sold to different parts of China and the world. It is in this way that the Hongze district finds the right road to a well-off society. We are now fighting for the victories of the pandemic prevention and the economic and social development, and completing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects. Therefore, the Hongze district held the 15th China international hairy crab festival, which is aimed to enrich its connotation and content, expand its influence, and tighten the cooperation of the government, enterprises, and media. Many creative and fascinating cloud activities were held at the festival.  

Chen Zhichang hoped that the Hongze district Party committee and the district government could thoroughly implement the new development concept and adhere to the latest requirements of "accelerating the formation of a new development pattern with the domestic major cycle as the main body and domestic and international dual circulation promoting each other" and the development orientation of "constructing a green highland and a new hub". The attention should also be focused on constructing the characteristic industries and enriching and benefiting the people. The Hongze district government should hold the celebrations of various festivals at a higher level to promote the popularity of the brands of agriculture, tourism, and culture of Hongze. The Hongze district, Chen emphasized, could find a road of green development, innovative development, and integrated development so as to continually highlight the characteristics and charm of the Great Lakes with a more livable ecological environment, a more suitable development environment for business, and a more livable leisure environment.