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Huai'an to Carry out Centralized Investigation and Treatment in Hidden Dangers of Existing Buildings

From now on to October 31, Huai'an will launch a special action to investigate and rectify the hidden dangers of existing buildings in the whole city.

The action will solidly carry out safety inspection of the places with dense population and major potential safety risks. It will focus on the buildings with "4 Features" (No Approval Procedures, No Qualified Design, No Qualified Construction, and No Completion Acceptance), and illegal reconstruction and expansion (additional layers or interlayers), as well as dangerous buildings at Grade D, etc.; close attention to the measure implementation will be paid by combing the investigation and rectification of potential safety risks with the safety production in the fields of transportation, fire control and hazardous chemicals, as well as the three-year special rectification of safety production. The city will also firmly adhere to its red line and bottom line, and do a good job in its safety production and current key work. While checking and rectifying the safety production of existing buildings, it will learn from the lessons and focus on the 30 key industry areas of special rectification. Extensive inspection, investigation and rectification in full coverage will conducted in the areas, regions and time periods where accidents are prone to occur, so as to ensure the hidden dangers are eliminated at the very beginning.