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Huai'an New Agricultural Business Achieved Remarkable Results

Huai'an has actively cultivated and strengthened its new types of agricultural business. The establishment of an agricultural management system integrated with intensification, specialization, organization and socialization has been also accelerated, so as to promote the city's modernization in agriculture.

First, family farms are booming in Huai'an. Standardized documents such as "Administrative Measures for the Determination of Family farms" and "Opinions on Promoting the High-quality Development of Family Farms" have been issued, and the demonstration and the standardized operation monitoring of family farms have been carried out. The total number of Huai'an family farms with industrial and commercial registration is 5,359, accounting for 11.24% of the whole province. There are 1,049 demonstration family farms, with 19.57% demonstrative rate.

Second, Huai'an farmer professional cooperatives are steadily improving. Much attention has been paid to quality improvement and operation monitoring. The publicity of cooperatives' annual reports in finance as well as industry and commerce has been advanced, and the declaration management system of provincial cooperative directory has been established to standardize their operation. Up to now, the number of farmer professional cooperatives in the city keep stable at about 10,000, including 44, 148, 913 and 918 demonstration cooperatives, at national, provincial, municipal and county level, respectively.

Third, the city has witnessed the rapid development of leading enterprises. Industrialized agricultural enterprises have been supported to increase their scientific and technological innovation, strengthen their brand building, and improve their market competitiveness. There are 338 leading agricultural enterprises above the municipal level, including 5 national ones and 55 provincial ones. In 2019, 59 enterprises sold over 100 million yuan, 11 over 500 million yuan and 6 over 1 billion yuan. Since this year, their sales revenue has reached 15.683 billion yuan, up 2.16% year on year.