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"One-Day Donation to Charities" Launched in Huai'an


"One-Day Donation to Charities" was launched on the morning of September 1 in the conference center of the municipal administrative center. To popularize the charity concept of "loving Huai'an and the Jianghuai area" and elevate the charity of Huai'an to a new level, the municipal leaders of Cai Lixin, Chen Zhichang, Qi Shouyu, Zhang Guoliang, etc. took the lead in donating money in this activity.

"One-Day Donation to Charities" is held on September 5 every year, and the first activity was held in 2018. It is one of the channels to raise charitable funds, and thus the municipal Party committee and the municipal government attach great importance to it. The municipal Party committee office and the municipal government office issued a notice once again this year to held this activity to promote the theme of "Charitable Huai'an and Precise Relief of Poverty" and the charity concept of "loving Huai'an and the Jianghuai area". The government cadres and Party members played a leading role in creating a nationwide charity atmosphere and raising funds for poverty alleviation and charity relief projects so that the disadvantaged groups could feel the warmth of the society.

The charity culture in Huai'an has been thriving, and the charity consciousness has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. It is reflected in the increase of the sum of donation and the strengthened charitable assistance. The year 2019 witnessed a total sum of 87.6438 million yuan, which was used to help 50000 disadvantaged people. The Charity Federation of Huai'an continues to give a full play of the complementary role of charity in the relief work of the government, further optimize the relief system with Huai'an characteristics, and promote charity projects. It will implement 17 relief projects and use 11.95 million yuan of relief funds so as to make new and greater contributions to the precise relief of poverty.