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Huai'an Innovates Ways of Attracting Foreign Investment

In recent years, Huai'an commercial departments have been innovating ways and improving levels of attracting foreign investment.

Networks have been built for entrusted investment. Through the entrusted investment cooperation with CBRE and Collier International, Huai'an has successfully introduced Deppon Smart Industrial Park Project, signed the North Jiangsu supply-chain supporting center with Yum, and are in contact with more than 10 foreign-funded projects. It has established a liaison mechanism with nearly 40 professional investment promotion agencies at home and abroad, such as China-Britain Business Council, Japan External Trade Organization and Korea Trade-investment Promotion Agency. 11 personnel from Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Kunshan and other places have been employed as representatives with extensive project information and customer networks, which has effectively extended the city's investment resources. Also, stable contacts have been established with the economic and trade representatives of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce in Britain, the United States, France, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea and so on.

Onsite personnel have been sent for deep exploration. Taking the opportunity of Huai'an-Kunshan cooperation, professional personnel for investment promotion have been selected to Kunshan. Huai'an has successfully introduced projects with Freewon China and Maxpal, and is further promoting projects such as Antuo Food Industrial Park and Sunjuice. In-depth study of characteristic advantages and investment layouts of the national top 30 industrial parks have been carried out. Xinxin Group, which ranks No.14 on the comprehensive list, have been attracted to invest the first industrial park project "Xinxin Intelligent Manufacturing Valley" in the city. At the same time, operators in the industrial parks such as Hongtai, Dongjiu and Pingqian have been actively contacted for future investment.

In addition, various exhibitions have been held to attract investment and expand sources. By holding the food expo, Huai'an has established good communication with world's top 500 and 100 food enterprises such as General Mills, Mondelēz International and Mars. For three years in a row, roadshows and special promotions for Huai'an food industry have been organized in Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Nanjing and other places. Normal contact has been established with many headquarters in China of multinational companies including Oishi, Ferrero and CJ, as well as regional well-known enterprises such as Tianjin Changfa.