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Ecological Restoration Project of the Urban Section of the Hongze Lake Levee Started

The ecological restoration project of the Hongze Lake levee in Hongze District, Huai'an started on July 25. The project is located in the urban section of Hongze Lake levee, stretching from Hongzehu bridge in the north to the intake gate in the south, with a total planning area of 250000 square meters. The project, which is planned to be completed and accepted by the end of 2020 mainly includes ecological restoration, renovation of the historic sites, construction of roads and landscapes, and repair of water conservancy facilities, with a total investment of 25 million yuan.

This project will play an essential role in restoring water ecological environment in the urban section of Hongze Lake levee, reducing soil erosion, and improving the landscape of the urban lakeside. It will also be an ideal hangout for residents and a model project for the ecological restoration of Hongze Lake in Jiangsu.