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Standard System of Huaihe Eco-Economic Belt Established in Huai'an

In order to realize the positive role of standard guidance in the development of Huaihe Eco-economic Belt, Huai'an Commission Office of Quality Development recently issued Huai'an Standard-leading Plan of Huaihe Eco-economic Belt.

The Plan clearly takes resource conservation, ecological priority, supply enhancement, quality and efficiency improvement, innovation and development orientations as it principles, and emphasizes the construction of the following aspects. Frist of all, the innovation of technical standards should be strengthened. The city should improve the service system of technical standards and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Based on the development strategy of Huaihe Eco-economic Belt, the standard-leading system of the Belt will be also set up. Second, the standards of advantageous industries should be improved. Huai'an should improve its "Made in Huai'an" standard and build the standard systems in ecological civilization and intelligent transportation which is low-carbon, energy-saving and green. To be specific, the technology and service standards of intelligent digital transportation, integrated transportation technology and low-carbon green transportation will be the focuses, as well as the standardization of efficient planting industry and large-scale animal husbandry. Besides, the standardization of ecological fishery should also be promoted, including the standard systems for breeding, transportation and processing of characteristic aquatic products such as Hongze Lake hairy crab and Xuyi lobster. Next, the standard systems of modern service industry need to be perfected, covering the standardized supply of catering services and standardization of tourism services in the whole region. Efforts in public service standard should be made by launching the brand of "Huai'an government service standard" as well as improving the service standards in social security management and rural public affairs.

Through the establishment of the standard systems which reflects the industrial characteristics of the city, and basically covers all fields of Huaihe Eco-economic Belt and key enterprises of industrial chains such as industrial control software, new energy vehicles and parts, salinized attapulgite, electronic information materials, nutrition and health food manufacturing, a number of advantageous enterprises that have the right to speak on industry standards will be founded.