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Better Modern Agriculture Cooperation Between Huai'an and Taiwan

After 10 years of hard work, Taiwanese Farmer Entrepreneurship Park in Huaiyin district has achieved gratifying results. After comprehensive evaluation by the third party, it has been rated as excellent.

Founded in 2009, the Entrepreneurship Park was approved by Ministry of Agriculture (now Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs) and Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council PRC. As a modern agricultural cooperation platform built in Huai'an, it has become a shining card for the city to attract Taiwan-funded agricultural projects.

In recent years, Huai'an has integrated its own resources, abundant labor force, increasingly perfect infrastructure and rapidly growing market demand with Taiwan modern agricultural experience, attracting a number of Taiwanese farmers and businessmen to take root here. By the end of last year, more than 120 Taiwan-funded agricultural projects had been established in the city, which are large in number and volume as well as good in quality. More than 10 major projects had achieved their single investment of more than USD 30 million, such as Chainwin Biotech, Bimi Farming and Animal Husbandry, and Huangda Flowers. On March 4 this year, on the basis of its original investment, Chainwin Biotech increased USD 200 million to build a comprehensive breeding project, and on July 17, another USD 40 million was added for a pig breeding project. So far, the company's total investment in Huai'an has exceeded USD 600 million. Last year, the project sales of Huangda Flowers reached a record high of 150 million yuan, making it the largest single Phalaenopsis production base all over the world and the largest Phalaenopsis export enterprise in China.

Agriculture has always been an important part for the exchanges and cooperation between the two places. Huai'an will seize the strategic opportunity of establishing the agricultural opening and cooperation pilot zones at national and provincial levels with the strong support by Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Government. It will also take the "Second Entrepreneurship" of Taiwan-funded demonstration zone as its new starting point and complement each other's advantages. Great efforts will be made at the same time in industrial agglomeration, regional cooperation, S&T research and development, talent introduction, policy implementation, and environmental optimization, so that a Taiwan-funded agricultural highland will be built and a powerful engine for the city's high-quality leapfrog development will be installed.