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Huai'an Sports Parks to Cover the Whole City

The construction of Huai'an sports parks is one of the key tasks of the construction of its public sports service system. So far, Tibet Street Sports Park, Yanhe Sports Park and Hexia Bridge Sports Park have been all put into use and the number of sports parks in the city has reached 102. This year, the city plans to build 11 theme sports parks, 57 township fitness parks and 105 kilometers of fitness trails, so as to promote the construction of a "10-minute-fitness circle" covering the whole city and benefiting the whole people.

As the result of the deep integration of national fitness and health, as well as the important part of public service system of national fitness, the sports park combines the ornamental and practical features of urban green space, takes fitness and leisure as its themes, and considers beautiful environment and sports facilities as its carriers. It is a multi-functional place equipped with various functions such as sports competition, sports fitness, health care, entertainment and leisure, sightseeing and tourism. The sports parks in Huai'an has the advantages of sports fitness and leisure, ecological construction, cultural construction, and urban disaster prevention squares. Elements including trees, fitness trails, children's amusement facilities, fields for basketball, badminton and football, elderly fitness equipment, rain shelter corridors, and parking lots are also included, which can fully meet the needs of citizens in many aspects.