Huai'an China News and Events
Municipal Leaders Participate in June 1 Celebrations


On the morning of June 1, Cai Lixin, Secretary of Huai'an Municipal Party Committee, and Chen Zhichang, Mayor of Huai'an, went to Huai'an Xin'an Primary School and Huai'an Experimental Primary School respectively to participate in the celebrations of the International Children's Day. They hoped that the children would inherit the red gene and carry forward the spirit of Zhou Enlai and the spirit of Xin'an Touring Troupe① to realize the dream of the rejuvenation of China. They also expressed their sincere thanks to all hard-working educators.

According to regulations concerned, all delegates headed by Cai Lixin had their body temperatures taken before entering Xin'an Primary School. The containment of Covid-19, Cai emphasized, should not be loosened when schools are reopened, because we must ensure the health of children. When a member of the Young Pioneers Team tied a red scarf for Miss Cai, she, leaning down, kindly said, "When I see you tying the red scarf, I remember that I used to tie red scarfs for others as a child, just like you."

This year marks the 110th anniversary of Zhou Enlai's leaving of his hometown Huai'an to study in the northeast. On the morning of June 1, the premiere of the animated film "The Study Stories of Zhou Enlai in his Childhood" was held in Huai'an Experimental Primary School.

Chen Zhichang and his colleagues tied bright red scarves for the members of the Young Pioneers Team before the premiere. "How old are you this year, and in what grade?" He had a cordial exchange with the pupils and wished them a happy festival. Then, they watched the exhibition of pupils' works, which are full of children's fertile imagination and creativity. At last, they expressed their gratitude to and respect for all teachers.



① Xin'an Touring Troupe is a kids troupe founded in Huai'an, Jiangsu Province, in 1935 under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. It aimed to publicize the movement of resistance against Japan and national salvation.