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Huai'an Customs Supports the Export of Epidemic Prevention Materials

The statistics of Huai'an Customs show that the enterprises in Huai'an exported 27.637 million yuan worth of epidemic prevention materials from January to April this year, including masks, infrared thermometers, disposable protective clothing, cotton pads, medical masks, etc. The export witnessed dramatic growth in April, reaching 25.944 million yuan, accounting for 93.9% of the export of epidemic prevention materials since the beginning of this year. These materials consolidate international fighting against Covid-19.

When the virus is spreading across the world, Huai'an Customs prudently and efficiently went through the application procedures of new and converted enterprises of epidemic prevention materials production through the "enterprise problem clearing" system, telephone consultation, remote video guidance, online registration and approval systems like "No Meeting" and "Cloud Handling". Since February, a total of 55 new enterprises producing epidemic prevention materials have been registered, accounting for one-third of all registered enterprises.

Huai'an Customs, together with relevant departments, has taken effective measures to strengthen the supervision of the quality of epidemic prevention materials and standardize the export order. The measures include dynamic tracking of the technical requirements of epidemic prevention materials in foreign countries, sharing these requirements with relative enterprises, on-site services, etc. These measures have solved more than 30 problems, such as export declaration and foreign access requirements.

Huai'an Customs suggests that it will continue to strengthen the investigation and punishment of illegal export of epidemic prevention materials and support the orderly export of qualified and reputable enterprises to create a good customs clearance environment for more and better export, and support the international community to fight against the epidemic jointly.