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Huai'an First University Water Saving Project Officially Signed

On the afternoon of May 18, the signing ceremony of the water-saving management project was held in Huai'an between Huaiyin Normal University and Huai'an Water Supply Company.  "Transformation Project of Water Pipe Network in Jiaotong Road Campus of Huaiyin Normal University" is the first contracted water-saving project participated by the water supply enterprise in China. The total investment of the project is nearly 3 million yuan. After completion, great economic benefits will be created with the annual saving of over 100,000 square meters of water and more than 300,000 yuan of running water cost.

In recent years, Huai'an has firmly adhered to the thoughts of green development and vigorously put water conservation into practice. Firstly, the city has widely publicized the new knowledge, technology and concept of water conservation among enterprises, institutions, schools, communities, irrigation areas and towns, so as to extend social participation. Secondly, six special actions in water saving have been carried out, including water balance test and water audit, industrial water saving, water supply network loss, water saving in special water use industry, water efficiency label management, and treatments of "Over Quota" & "Beyond Plan". Water-saving efficiency in key areas has been greatly achieved. Thirdly, authorities from Huai'an Water Conservancy Bureau, Development and Reform Commission, Housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Education Bureau, and Organ Affairs Bureau have given their full play to jointly promote water conservation in public institutions, industries, and schools. Fourthly, through measures such as policy, technology and project promotion, Huai'an water conservation has equipped with efficient, intensive, scientific, information-based, intelligent and branded features.