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Huai'an Promotes Urban Passenger Transport Development in Scientific and Coordinated Manner

In order to speed up the implementation of giving priority to public transportation and promote the coordinated development of urban passenger transport in Huai'an, the city's transportation department has recently made clear the key points of urban public transport, taxi and rail transit in 2020, hoping all tasks of Huai'an urban passenger transport can be completed smoothly throughout the year.

First is to push forward the strategy of "Public Transport Priority". Each county can ask the government to increase its financial subsidies and promote its construction of public transport stations. This year, the city is required to open at least 7 new urban public transport lines, optimize at least 18 lines, and purchase at least 140 new urban buses, of which new energy vehicles account for 100%.

Second is to improve the service of rail transit. Quality evaluation of urban rail transit will be organized, risk management and control ability will be further enhanced and multiple sets of operation charts will be designed to meet passengers' needs in different time.

Third is to deepen the reform of taxi industry with the renewal of 885 taxis in the urban area in 2020. At the same time, the transportation department will actively work with the competent pricing authorities to speed up the reform of taxis fare, and with the relevant departments to improve the mechanism of maintaining stability, so as to ensure the healthy and stable development of the taxi industry.