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Huai'an Public Places of Entertainment to be Orderly Opened

On May 15, Huai'an Culture, Radio and Television and Tourism Bureau issued Notice on the Orderly Opening of Public Entertainment Places During the Normalization of Epidemic Prevention and Control. All counties (districts) in the city are required to reopen entertainment venues such as theaters and internet bars in an orderly manner under the premise of implementing the prevention and control measures and completing the resumption of business with filing. Venues with inadequate prevention and control measures and potential safety risks will be temporarily suspended.

According to the Notice, all counties (districts) shall, in accordance with the principle of territorial management, strengthen their follow-up guidance and management as well as supervision and inspection of the reopened entertainment places. Local business units shall be urged to strictly perform their main responsibilities, follow the provisions of epidemic prevention and control, improve the responsibility and management system and formulate and perfect the emergency plan, so as to ensure the safe and orderly opening of relevant places. Various measures such as scientific wearing of masks, real-name registration, temperature detection, "Huaishangtong" Electronic Pass and "Sukangcode" Health Code shall be strictly taken and over one-meter social distance for entry shall be also guided and maintained. Besides, health measures such as daily cleaning, disinfection, appointment system and split-flow shall be carried out at the same time, and the numbers of unnecessary gatherings and personnel should be reduced to prevent the epidemic risks because of clusters. Regulations of visitor flows shall be strictly implemented with less than 30% of the total seats in performance venues. Audience shall be seated at intervals and keep a certain distance from the performers. The number of consumers accepted in entertainment venues and internet bars shall not exceed 50% of their maximum capacities, and each room shall not exceed 50%. The proportion of restricted visitor flows should be adjusted dynamically according to the epidemic situation. At present, large and medium-sized performance activities are not allowed to be held, and approval of foreign-related, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan related business performance activities is suspended too.