Huai'an China News and Events
The 4th Huai'an People's Culture and Art Festival Held

On May 10, the 4th Huai'an People's Culture and Art Festival was officially launched, themed "Fall in Love with the Water of Huai'an at First Sight". During its eight-month period, cultural activities with rich contents and various forms will be carried out online and offline at the city, county (district) and community levels.

From May 10 to December 31, the Festival will be orderly promoted in accordance with the four designs which are People's Culture, Elegant Culture, Food Culture and Canal Culture. Various art forms such as music (chorus, instrumental music, vocal music), dance, opera, art, photography and calligraphy will be all covered. In addition to the municipal level, each county and district will hold 1-2 group activities every month to display its unique and colorful cultures. At the same time, counties and districts will be encouraged to select and recommend excellent teams and individuals to participate in the city's finals through community's preliminary contests and county's semi-finals. Besides, activities in different places will be actively promoted such as scenic spots, campuses, plants, parks, camps, government organs and buildings, so as to encourage the public to fully join in the Festival and share the rich cultural achievements Huai'an has greatly made. It is expected to hold more than 100 events of various types this year, with millions of participants.