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Huai'an Strengthens its Control of Imported Cases of Covid-19

At present, preventing the import of overseas cases of Covid-19 has become the top priority of epidemic containment. Huai'an Municipal Government resolutely follows the guidance of the Party Committee and the Government of Jiangsu by establishing and improving a containment mechanism, strengthening source control and joint control, and tightening the iron fence for foreign epidemic prevention and control. These measures are taken to prevent the import of foreign cases resolutely.

A working group for coronavirus imported cases prevention and control was established to strengthen the coordination of different units in Huai'an including the Foreign Affairs Office, Huai'an Health Commission, Public Security Bureau, Huai'an Station of Exit and Entry Frontier Inspection, Huai'an Airport, Huai'an Railway Stations, etc. These units cooperate closely with each other to ensure timely information sharing and seamless connection of different types of work. The circular on further strengthening the prevention and control of coronavirus imported cases was issued to strictly implement the responsibility of the destination counties and districts of the travellers and effectively reduce the risk of imported cases. To ensure the effectiveness of disease control, further measures have been taken including centralized office work, strengthening the report liaison with the Provincial Foreign Affairs Group and the Huai'an Joint Prevention and Control Headquarters, real-time information sharing with the teams in three entry ports, coordinated traveller transfer with the districts and counties, timely handling of emergencies, etc.

Three teams consisting of the staff members from the Foreign Affairs Office, the Public Security Bureau, and the Health Commission were sent to Kunshan, Beijing and Nanjing. All Chinese and aliens who enter China from Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing and have a travel history to the countries and regions with series epidemic situations are required to declare their health and test their body temperatures. They will be transferred to the centralized medical observation points. Moreover, an information-sharing platform has been established for the districts, counties, industrial parks, Huai'an Airport, and railway stations. Thus, travellers' information will reach the management teams in different districts, counties and industrial parks as soon as possible so that the blind area of disease prevention and control can be reduced to the largest extent.

All people, Chinese and alien, who travel Huai'an from the regions of Hong Kong, Macro, Taiwan and other countries are required to log in "SU KANG MA" and "HUAI SHANG TONG" to report their health so that their health information can be shared. They will receive a notice at the connection site, reminding them to obey unified arrangement. All-round measures will be taken to guarantee that no one is infected at the connection site. They will also receive brochures introducing to them isolation policies of Huai'an. A "Gridding + big data" management system has been established to comprehensively check all entry persons in different communities and register their information so that all loopholes can be closed. All Chinese and foreigners are treated equally and will be isolated in a designated place for 14 days. However, aliens' living habits and language differences will be taken into consideration. They will be provided with enough daily necessities and translation services. Their personal needs will be met as much as possible.