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Regulations on the Protection of Huai'an Canal Cultural Heritage to be Implemented on June 1st

Regulations on the Protection of Huai'an Canal Cultural Heritage to be implemented on June 1st will be the fourth regulation work among the cities along the Grand Canal and the first local regulations in Jiangsu to protect the Grand Canal cultural heritage. 

As the hub city along the Great Canal, Huai'an is rich in tangible as well as intangible canal heritages. For a long time, Huai'an Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have attached great importance to the protection of the canal cultural heritage. The Regulations which is drafted and formulated to provide strong system guarantee, actively responds to the construction of the Grand Canal Cultural Belt and fully complies with the requirements of and learns from the related documents such as The Guideline for the Protection, Inheritance and Utilization of the Grand Canal Culture issued by the General Office of CCCPC and the General Office of the State Council, as well as The Decision on Promoting the Construction of the Grand Canal Cultural Belt by People's Congress of Jiangsu. The protection targets are expanded in scale. In addition to the world cultural heritages of the Grand Canal, the newly built hydraulic facilities with typical features and prominent values, and the movable cultural relics and intangible cultural heritage are also included. The Regulations also stipulates the establishment of a comprehensive mechanism and the unified leadership for the protection and coordination of canal cultural heritage. Main responsibilities of the relevant government departments are defined so as to form a coordinated management system for the protection of the Grand Canal cultural heritage.