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Huai'an Begins to Reopen its Cultural Venues

Huai'an Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, Television, and Tourism issued "the Notice on Accurately and Orderly Reopening the Cultural Venues in Huai'an" on March 16. Public cultural venues begin to reopen to the public in an orderly manner by strictly abiding by the guiding opinions and implementing the measures of imported cases.

The notice contains many guiding opinions, including the strict opening scope and conditions, the detailed implementation of prevention and containing measures, establishment and improvement of emergency plans, further strengthening of internal management of venues, and strict enforcement of supervision and guidance responsibilities. The sites involve libraries, museums (memorials), cultural centers (stations), and art galleries at all levels in Huai'an. The reopening time of the venues at the county and district levels shall be decided by the prevention and containing work headquarters in different counties and districts, and the reopening situation shall be reported to the headquarters in a timely manner. Huai'an Museum reopened on March 17.