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Huai'an Strengthens its Rehabilitation Management of Discharged Patients with Covid-19

A patient follow-up system has been established in Huai'an to guarantee the screening, intervention, and recovery of the cured and discharged patients with Covid-19. This system is designed to improve the rehabilitation management of these patients.

First, a follow-up system is established for cured and discharged patients. A special team is responsible for the follow-up of these patients and the management of their rehabilitation and health.

Second, accurate rehabilitation screening is conducted. Experts are arranged to evaluate the health of the discharged patients who go to the designated hospitals for follow-up service. Personalized rehabilitation plans will be made for those who need further treatment.

Third, efforts are made to ensure the smooth connection between treatment and rehabilitation. Hospitals at different levels are designated to critically-ill patients, patients with mild symptoms, and common patients. Their treatment information is promptly sent to designated medical institutions and family doctors. These measures are made to ensure the orderly connection of medical treatment and rehabilitation.