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Huai'an Launches Transparent Management of Donations

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, Huai'an has strengthened and standardized donation activities during the epidemic prevention and control so as to realize the transparency of donations management.

First, the city has issued Notice on Regulating Public donations in Huai'an Prevention and Control of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia, in which donation qualifications are required to be open and public donation procedures to be standardized. Besides, in order to avoid false donations, all charitable organizations should draw up plans first and file a record to the civil affairs department through "Charity in China" before they carry out donation activities.

Second, Huai'an has strengthened and standardized the management of charitable donations. A fast distribution channel has been built for special donations and received and applied records of donations have been well managed to achieve "fast in and fast out". 10 sets of sterilizers valued at 49,000 yuan and 40 sets of air purifiers valued at 186,500 yuan were handed over to Huai'an Headquarters of Novel Coronavirus Prevention and Control in time for unified distribution.

Third, Huai'an has made the donation information transparent and released the usage of donation to the society five times in succession. As of February 9, the city has raised 13.7226 million yuan of charity fund and 947,200 yuan of goods, of which 516,400 yuan has been allocated to Wuhan, 8.5375 million yuan used for Huai'an epidemic control, and 632,500 yuan worth of milk sent to the frontline personnel.