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Huai'an's Endeavor in Epidemic Prevention and Control

Since January 20, the spread of the novel coronavirus-related pneumonia has accelerated from Wuhan to all parts of the country and sparked concerns among the whole nation.

Huai'an attaches great importance to the epidemic prevention and control. The Headquarters for Novel Coronavirus Prevention and Control has been established, and the implementation of first-level Emergency Response has been strengthened. Through massive mobilization and overall plans, the city has made great efforts in winning the battle of prevention and control of the contagion as well as ensuring people's livelihood under its shadow.

On the morning of January 21, the Session of the Standing Committee of Huai'an Municipal Party Committee was held. Cai Lixin, secretary of Huai'an Municipal Party Committee, presided over the meeting and conveyed General Secretary Xi's important instructions on January 20 to strengthen measures in the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus outbreak. With a great sense of responsibility for our people, all departments were required to enhance the epidemic prevention and control, improve their response plans and spare no effort in the battle against the contagion. The meeting also put forward requirements for the epidemic prevention and control from the aspects of prevention and control monitoring, science publicity, emergency support, etc.

At the same time, an emergency teleconference on the prevention and control of novel coronavirus-related pneumonia was held. Messages from the relevant meetings on the afternoon of the 20th of the State Council and Jiangsu provincial government were conveyed and decisions and arrangements for the prevention and control were also made. Mayor Chen Zhichang mentioned that all relevant departments should place great importance on the spread of the disease, get ready for the critical battle, be strict in prevention and control with reasonable and scientific plans, and in time and effectively deal with the possible epidemic outbreak to protect our people.

On the morning of the 23rd, Cai Lixin and other leaders visited Huai'an Tram Company and Bus Company. She stated that in view of the current spread of novel coronavirus around China, tram, bus and other vehicles, which are frequently used by people, should be very often disinfected and ventilated to reduce the probability of cross infection of passengers in the confined space to the utmost.

On the afternoon of the 24th which is also New Year's Eve, Cai and Chen led the teams to Huai'an First People's Hospital, Laboratories of Huaiyin Center for Disease Control and Prevention and many other places to inspect the implementation of prevention and control. They also showed their deep concerns to the medical workers fighting on the front line.

On the morning of the 26th, in the teleconference on Jiangsu prevention and control work of the epidemic, Huai'an Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government solemnly promised that Huai'an would carry forward the fighting spirit, fulfill its duty in epidemic prevention and control with great determination, strong measures and strict disciplines and meanwhile maintain the overall social stability. In the afternoon of the same day, the conference on Huai'an prevention and control work was held to convey the messages from the meetings of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Jiangsu teleconference. All departments at all levels were required to do a solid job in the epidemic prevention and control, ensure that all prevention and control measures were implemented, and strive to win the battle through scientific response, close cooperation, mutual support and joint efforts with satisfactory results.

In the meeting, Huai'an upgraded the former Leading Group of Novel Coronavirus Prevention and Control to the Headquarters of "one office and five groups" including an office, a medical treatment group, a traffic control group, a social prevention and control group, a news publicity group and a material support group. Many city leaders joined the frontline of battle and those who had devoted themselves to the work comprehensively got promoted. 

In the early morning of the 27th, Huai'an Headquarters of Novel Coronavirus Prevention and Control issued the "Notice on Strengthening the Implementation of First-Level Emergency Response Measures for Epidemic Prevention and Control in Huai'an", with ten measures clearly mentioned, including the suspension of mass gathering activities in urban and rural markets and temple fairs, etc., to effectively curb the spread of contagion.

In recent days, Huai'an has been actively preparing for emergency and strictly implementing the 24-hour emergency duty system to keep the communication channels unblocked. Our joint prevention and control mechanism has also been playing a powerful role. Close monitoring and warning as well as information-based dynamic management have been applied to manage the information of migrant workers going back home, students returning to school and people visiting Huai'an. Good preparation for disease treatment has been made, too. Huai'an Fourth People's Hospital and Huai'an First People's Hospital are designated for the treatment and technical and equipment resources have been reasonably allocated to deal with the possible epidemic outbreak.