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Urban Intelligent Parking Guiding Platform to be Completed by the End of 2019

Intelligent parking guiding platform in the urban area of Huai'an will be completed by the end of this year. Drivers may check parking information via smartphone APPs and WeChat official accounts, which will ease parking difficulty in the urban areas to a large extent.

This system is not only a livelihood project for Huai'an citizens, but also a public welfare project providing free parking guiding service. The first batch of parking lots included in this platform are at hospitals, bus stations, railway station, high-speed railway station, Huai'an Great Hall of the People, Huai'an Gymnasium, state-owned and private enterprises, and so on. This system consists of a data collection and process platform incorporating the parking lots data in the urban area. It will provide drivers with real-time information of parking lot locations, charging standards, free spaces, etc., which is released through smartphone APPs and WeChat official accounts. Drivers can also pay with their smartphones.