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Huai'an Establishes 406 Meal-assistance Service Spots for the Elderly

Huai'an Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government attach great importance to the elderly meal-assistance service. Since 2015, Huai'an has continued to promote the construction of meal-assistance service spots. By the end of 2018, it has completed 406 spots which provides elderly meal-assistance service through self-construction, help from elderly service institutions, or cooperation with enterprises. In addition, 1383 home-based elderly care service centers in Huai'an have been equipped with catering facilities and abilities for meal-assistance.

In order to ensure the healthy operation of the spots, in recent years, Huai'an has taken various measures to comprehensively promote the construction of street (township) day care centers, community home-based nursing centers and meal-assistance service spots for the elderly. In 2014, the relevant policies issued by the city stipulated that the newly-built residential areas should be equipped with houses for elderly service according to the standard of more than 20 square meters per hundred households and the completed residential areas should be reconstructed according to the standard of 15 square meters per hundred households. In 2018, the establishment of 100 new-built meal-assistance spots were listed on the government's ten practical actions for the people. In addition, it also stipulated that 50% of the construction funds of the elderly care service system should be used for the development of home-based elderly care services, so as to improve the ability of the home-based nursing centers and meal-assistance service spots in the communities.