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Sassnitz Youth Delegation Visited Huai'an

From October 27 to November 1, a delegation of 15 young persons from Sassnitz, Germany, a sister city of Huai'an, paid a six-day visit to Huai'an. 

The delegation consists of junior and senior high school students and youth representatives from different industries of Sassintz. During their stay in Huai'an, the delegation visited Jiangsu Food and Pharmaceutical Science College, participating in various activities organized by JFPSC. They were amazed at the long history and profundity of Chinese medicine and took part in badminton competition with the students of JFPSC. They were also invited to classrooms to make dumplings and cook Huaiyang dishes, feeling the delicacy and essence of Huaiyang Cuisine. In the welcoming gala, the German youth performed karate, dances and choruses, showing their gratitude for the hospitality of their Chinese friends.   

The delegation also paid a visit to the Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall, the Ancient Hexia Town, the Ancient Government Huai'an Prefecture, Hongze, Jinhu and other counties and districts. The natural scenery of Huai'an as the late premier's hometown and the hospitality of the people left a deep impression on the members of the delegation.

Sassnitz is a famous port city on Rugen Island in the northeast of Germany, and it is also the gateway of Germany to northern Europe. In 2007, Sassnitz entered into an international sister city relationship with Huai'an, and the two sides has maintained friendly exchanges for 12 years.


Members of the delegation were learning to make Chinese herbal cosmetics.


Members of the delegation were learning to cook Huaiyang dishes.


The delegation visited Jinhu Water Forest Park.