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Huai'an Wanfeng Cultural Street Opens

Wanfeng Cultural Street in the 5A national scenic area, Ancient Hexia Town, and Wanfeng Snacks Culture Festival opened on September 29, 2019.

Huai'an Wanfeng Cultural Street is a project, in which Beijing Wanfeng Traditional Snacks Co., Ltd. invested 6 million yuan with the aim to build it into a platform for the display of traditional local snacks and handicrafts, and for industrial exchanges. All of the stores in this street have distinctive traditional characteristics such as traditional snacks from different parts of China, intangible cultural heritage handicrafts, local specialties of Huai'an, Taiwan souvenirs, traditional Chinese brands, hotels and hostels, rickshaws, and so on.

In the festival, a summit forum on the development of Chinese snack industry was held and it was attended by the Chinese Cuisine Association, Jiangsu Cuisine Association, Huai'an Cuisine Association, leaders of well-known snack enterprises in China and news media. Many wonderful performances were arranged like acrobatics, Beijing hutong peddlers' calls, cross talks, cheongsam shows, Taiwan aboriginals' shows, and so on. The participants also made donations to students in need.