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Huai'an Air Port Starts "4S Safety Linkage Mechanism"

Recently, in order to comprehensively enhance the joint force of management and control of Huai'an Air Port and create a more secure and stable port environment, the "4S Safety Linkage Mechanism" has been officially launched with multi efforts.

"4S Safety Linkage Mechanism" includes four parts, namely: Study (joint learning), Share (resources sharing), Support (co-development promoting) and Safety (peace creating). Under this mechanism and in accordance with the principle of "giving full play to the overall advantages and cooperating closely to form the joint force", Huai'an Entry-Exit Frontier Inspection Station will actively cooperate with Municipal Public Security Bureau, National Security Bureau, units of Port Joint Inspection, detachments of Armed Police Force and airport companies, in the areas of information exchange as well as assistance in service, law enforcement and police force. To form the joint force of port management and control and build a safe and stable gateway of our country, it will also build a work system of security prevention, emergency disposal, and hidden danger investigation and resolution, featured with multi-sectoral cooperation, multi-police combination and all-round linkage.