Huai'an China News and Events
Huai'an Cultural Tourism Improves Its Development Quality and Speed

From January to August, Huai'an received 24.712 million domestic and foreign tourists and realized 31.83-billion-yuan total income in tourism, with 12.6% and 15.8% year-on-year growth respectively.

Tourism product supply is more abundant in Huai'an. Industrial tourism featured with Huai'an salt history and Fantawild are selected as Jiangsu major and key tourism projects respectively. Sage KingYao Cultural Experience Zone and Jinhu Fruit Forest will be trial-opened during the National Day, and "The Story of Sunflower" of Baima Lake will meet with tourists soon. Projects of Riyuezhou Resort and Daleiyin Temple will be further accelerated. The main body of Phase II of King's Luck Resortas well as the construction of its underground sightseeing tunnels have been completed. The first phase of Jiangba Tourism Town Distribution Center and Ginkgo Plaza have been basically established.

Huai'an tourism service capability is continuously optimized. Distribution Center of Huai'an Bus Terminal has been put into operation, with four all-around tourist lines and Haitang Special Tourist Line. The layout of tourism consultation service system will be completed by the end of this month based on the construction of Rose-decorated City Relax Station. 34 tourist toilets have been built, and more than 200 tourist toilets have been assessed and navigated into the network.

Publicity and marketing of Huai'an tourism is multi-dimensional. Huai'an Guandan cultural tourism routes and guiding measures for the development of Huai'an characteristic cultural tourism are carried out. Advertisements in Shanghai, Ningbo and other high-speed rail stations and road shows related to Huai'an cultural tourism both can be seen. Many well-known traveler experts and agencies are invited to Huai'an. At thesame time, on the page "CHR Tourism Festival & Carnival" of 12306 APP, the theme "Fall in Love with the Water of Huai'an at First Sight" is shown.