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Huai'an Steel Blossoms on "The Belt and Road"

On September 24, heartening news came from Uzbekistan. Lida Metal Technology Co., Ltd., invested by Jiangsu Huaiye Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., took a solid step in the process of hot debugging and rolling. Previously on August 28, it produced the first molten steel in its electric furnace, and then produced qualified deformed billets that have 3-level earthquake resistant by continuous casting. The success of hot debugging and rolling process means that the short-process electric furnace production can be run through the whole line and on a large scale.

Huaiye company has invested in Uzbekistan in two phases, one of which is to build a high-quality production line of 300,000 tons of annual bar output, and the other is to build 500,000 tons of special steel. After the completion of the projects, it will become the first special steel plant among five Central Asian countries and the largest steel plant in Uzbekistan. The establishment of the projects will, to a certain extent, meet Uzbekistan's demand for steel products. At the same time, it is also an important measure for Huai'an enterprises to respond to the One Belt and One Road Initiative. Under the background of the structural reform of supply side, the surplus capacity of Huai'an steel will be further resolved.