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Huai'an Joined Jiangsu Cultural Carnival in Macao

From September 6 to 8, Jiangsu Cultural Carnival "Water Charm of Jiangsu Shown in Macao" was grandly staged in Macao, co-sponsored by Jiangsu Provincial People's Government and Macao-Jiangsu Friendship Association. Together with some key scenic spots, Huaiyang delicacies and special cultural products, Huai'an made its debut for this event. After careful preparation and layout, the Huai'an booth had many high lights. Five intangible cultural inheritors of Huaiyang cuisine interacted with the audience through live cuisine production, attracting many Macao people to have a taste; 33 cultural products featured with Huai'an history and culture attracted a lot of audience to stop and appreciate; the 20-minute cultural and tourism exhibition brought together Huai'an history and culture, scenic spots and top-quality routes, and showed the unique charm of this water town to all walks of life in Macao.

The exhibition was divided into three parts: Special Cultural and Tourism Products, Cultural Tourism Resources and Featured Food. There were 8 series of nearly 500 kinds of intangible cultural, special cultural and tourism products. 27 famous local catering enterprises from 13 districts also participated in this event, covering 66 kinds of Jiangsu local food such as Huaiyang snacks. The three-day carnival attracted a large number of Macao locals and intensive media reports.