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Huai'an Launched the 2019 "One-Day Donation"

On the morning of September 5, the 2019 "One-Day Donation" was launched in Huai'an. Municipal leaders took the lead in donation and drew an increasing number of participants to charity. According to statistics, a total of 55,800 yuan was raised on the spot.

"One-Day Donation" is a large-scale charity event involving all walks of life. It calls on people in Huai'an government organs, enterprises and institutions as well as the general public to donate their one day's income or save their one day's expenditure to charity. This is the 20th year that Huai'an held this activity which adheres to the principle of "legal organization, wide mobilization, voluntary donation and selfless dedication". With CPC Party members, cadres and employees as the main donors, it is organized by various departments and units, including municipal government organs, institutions, social organizations, colleges and universities, enterprises and provincial units and troops stationed in Huai'an.