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Bus Speed Limit Fully Implemented in Huai'an

In order to prevent bus accidents caused by speeding, speed limit management was recently implemented for all buses in Huai'an.

Earlier this year, Huai'an Urban Public Transport Co., Ltd. set speed limit standards for pilot buses on some lines. During the pilot operation, reasonable speed limit standards were made after conducting investigations and surveys of relevant regulations, and the characteristics of different lines and regions. Up to now, bus accident rate and cost have been significantly reduced compared with the same period last year.

Extensive measures have been made to ensure driving safety like specifying problems, quantifying speed limits, and formulating safety operation specifications for every line section and intersection. Moreover, each bus is equipped with a GPS system, which will automatically remind the driver and record speed data in time once the bus approaches or exceeds the speed limit of a certain section or intersection. Next, Huai'an will further promote the management measures of bus speed limit, conduct regular inspections on the implementation and enhance overspeed supervision and punishment. Speed control and driving disciplines will also be strictly enforced to ensure the safety of bus driving.