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The 14th Taiwan Entrepreneurs Forum Successfully Held in Huai'an


On August 23, 2019, the 14th Taiwan Entrepreneurs Forum opened in Huai'an. The theme of this forum was still "Sharing Wisdom from Both Sides of the Straits for Common Development, and Cooperating for a Better Future", which emphasizes the goal of "Moving Forward with One Heart and One Mind, Promoting Integration and Mutual Development". More than 500 well-known scholars, business tycoons and leaders from both sides attended the forum to explore new opportunities, ideas and paths for cross-strait integration and development.

Huai'an government for years has strived to serve Taiwanese businessmen better by giving full play to the advantages of Huai'an as the demonstration zone for the transfer, clustering, and service of Taiwanese-funded enterprise, and abiding by the principle of "101% service". The ultimate aim is to construct Huai'an as the second center for Taiwanese business in north Jiangsu with Kunshan as the first one in the south. At present, a large number of well-known Taiwanese enterprises have been established in Huai'an. The Forum as an important platform for cooperation between the two sides has become an important brand of cross-strait exchanges and cooperation since 2006.

During the preparatory period of this forum, 41 new Taiwanese-funded projects were signed, with a total investment of USD 3.62 billion and a contractual investment of USD 1.38 billion. The average investment is USD 88.29 million. There are 28 projects with an average investment of more than USD 30 million, accounting for 68.3% of the total investment, and 12 projects with an average investment of more than USD 100 million, accounting for 29.3%. Three of them are modern agricultural projects with a total investment of USD 190 million, thirty three manufacturing projects with a total investment of USD 2.95 billion, and five modern service projects with a total investment of USD 480.