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2019 Industrial Cooperation Forum of Huai'an-Taiwan Economic, Trade and Cultural Exchange and Cooperation Week Held in Taipei

On the afternoon of August 5th, 2019 Industrial Cooperation Forumof Huai'an-Taiwan Economic, Trade and Cultural Exchange and Cooperation Week was held in Taipei, with the theme of "Integrating the Development and Sharing the Future". Mayor Cai Lixin attended the forum and delivered a speech. Wang Wenyuan, chairman of Federation of Taiwan Industries and CEO of Formosa Plastics Group, Zhan Zhengtian, Vice Chairman of Federation of Taiwan Industries and Chairman of Yi Jinn Industrial Co., Ltd., Chen Jincai, Executive Director of Federation of Taiwan Industries, Chairman of WIN Semiconductors Corp. and Chairman of Chainwin Animal Technology Co., Ltd., Chen Huangming, Executive Director of Federation of Taiwan Industries and Chairman of Kung Sing Engineering Corporation, and other guests attended the forum. 

"In recent years, Huai'an has seized tightly the opportunities of cross-strait integration and development, gathered Taiwan-funded industries with great efforts, deepened exchanges between Huai'an and Taiwan, upgraded business services and successfully opened a new model for the emergence of Taiwan-funded enterprises", said Cai Lixin. Jiangsu provincial party committee and government have given great support to the construction of Huai'an Taiwan-funded enterprises demonstration zone, established a provincial joint conference system for the zone, and agreed on 16 supporting items in industry, capital, science and technology, and transportation, etc. This year, the coordinated development of Taiwan-funded economy in Huai'an and Kunshan will be vigorously promoted and efforts to explore a new scope of planning, co-ordination and platform building will be made.

Starting from a new historical point, Huai'an Taiwan-funded enterprises demonstration zone is enhancing its connotation, highlighting its characteristics and opening a new journey of "Second Upsurge of Entrepreneurship". "During this period of time, Huai'an will actively seize policy opportunities and further integrate into major strategies. A comprehensive transport hub will be built to promote interconnection between the two sides. The upgrading of platforms will be made to provide greater supports, and industrial transformation and upgrading will be advanced to deepen cooperation and realize win-win. Huai'an will also take the advantages of its ecological environment to promote green development and brands with high-quality services to optimize business environment. Through innovating ways of communication and cooperation and accelerating the integration of two sides, it can open up the space, smooth the access, and provide high-quality services for Taiwanese enterprises in Huai'an," Cai mentioned. She sincerely invites Taiwanese businesses and enterprises to join in this "Second Upsurge of Entrepreneurship" and looks forward to working with them to create a better future for Taiwan-funded enterprises demonstration zone.

Cai Lixin also had cordial exchanges with the heads of HCG, KENMEC and UNICON to deepen cooperation between the two sides.