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Huai'an Optimizes its Cross-Border Trade Environment

Huai'an port departments have taken various measures to comprehensively optimize the business environment this year. The overall customs clearance time has been speeded up, the compliance cost of imports and exports further reduced, and Huai'an cross-border trade continuously facilitated.

Huai'an Municipal Office for Port Services issued "Huai'an Work Plan for Optimizing Port Business Environment to Enhance Cross-border Trade Facilitation", in order to further optimize the process and operations of customs clearance at ports. In the first half of 2019, the average import customs clearance time of Huai'an foreign trade enterprises was 27.26 hours, 18.41% lower than that of the same period last year; the average export customs clearance time was 1.82 hours, a decrease of 5.21% year on year. Huai'an Municipal Office for Port Services published on its website "List of Charges at Huai'an Ports", which requires all port service units to charge strictly in accordance with the contents of the list, and prohibits illegal acts such as arbitrary charges and overcharges. In order to further improve its service, Office for Port Services visited 31 foreign trade enterprises, such as Huai'an Great State Textile, Hankook, Yuefeng, and distributed questionnaires to better know their customs clearance needs and suggestions. It also actively publicizes Huai'an second-class ports to foreign trade enterprises, guides them to open new channels for exports, reduces time of hoisting, transferring and waiting, and cuts transportation costs. At the same time, it guides importers to transfer to Huai'an new ports, and shortens the time of intermediate link and transportation after the goods arrive at Shanghai Port.