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Huai'an Strives to Increase the Proportion of Green High-Quality Agricultural Products

In 2019, green high-quality agricultural products, whose proportion has increased to 55% are regarded as the key to high-quality development of agriculture. In the first half of this year, the 1.45-million-mu provincial green high-quality agricultural product bases passed the acceptance check, and a 0.7-million-mu national standardized raw materials base for green food was established. This helps improve Huai'an's standardization level of agricultural production. Meanwhile, the environmental conditions and changing trends of the fields were closely monitored, and 544 long-term monitoring points were built. Moreover, the action of reducing chemical fertilizers and pesticides is further carried out, and the "2019 Recommended List of Green Eco-friendly Products in Huai'an" involving 149 products was issued. As a result, zero growth of chemical fertilizers and pesticides is achieved and their use is reduced by 2 percent.