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Huai'an Sports Medicine Center Established

Recently, the unveiling and signing ceremony of "Huai'an Sports Medicine Center" established by Huai'an Sports Bureau and Huai'an First People's Hospital was successfully held in Huai'an First People's Hospital.

Recent years have been witnessing excellent performance of Huai'an athletes in the sports events of different levels, and an increasing number of high-level sports events and sports enthusiasts in Huai'an. However, inevitable are injuries resulted from unscientific training. In order to provide citizens with professional services of sports medicine, Huai'an Sports Medicine Center was founded in Huai'an First People's Hospital. This center based on Department of Orthopaedics and Department of Rehabilitation Medicine can provide all-round medical services for the patients suffering from sports injuries and chronic orthopaedic diseases.

This center signifies the establishment of the disease management model combining medicine and sports in Huai'an. It will help the general public prevent and cure injuries, improve health, enhance physical fitness and sports effect, and promote the deep integration of national fitness and national health.