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Food Safety Summit Held in Huai'an as Part of Food Expo

A food safety summit, a key part of the second China (Huai'an) International Food Expo, opened on the afternoon of May 9, when Chinese and foreign governmental officials, business leaders, scholars, and media professionals exchanged ideas around food safety and industrial development.

Yang Yulan, deputy director of the Food Production Safety Supervision and Management Department of the State Administration for Market Regulation, said Huai'an has a sound foundation and a latecomer advantage in developing food industry. In recent years, the city has made great strides, especially through the food expo and its food safety summit, effectively promoting the sharing of food safety information and management experience.

Yao Xiaodong, secretary of the CPC Huai'an Committee, said that ensuring food quality and safety is the most fundamental project related to people's livelihood and also the bottom line in leading to the healthy development of the food industry.

Huai'an will be open-minded to the suggestions and insights of experts and make efforts to accelerate the transformation of food industry, improve quality and efficiency, and build the collective city brand Huai Wei Qian Nian, which literally means "Huai flavors for 1,000 years".

The summit also included a panel session on the theme of safety responsibility and shared development, where guests discussed food safety governance and innovation in order to further boost the development of food industry.