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Media Tour Explores Huai'an's Rich Charms beyond Food

Besides the delicacies of Huai'an, delegates from 80 media outlets from home and abroad were impressed by the profound cultural heritage of Huai'an City as well as its rapid progress in preserving the ancient city and pursuing a modern development, during a tour on May 8, as part of the 2nd China (Huai'an) International Food Expo.

Gao Jin, editor-in-chief of the Overseas Chinese Newspaper of Europe, introduced the history and customs of the 1,000-year-old Hexia Ancient Town, a popular, renovated old-style shopping street. Gao said the slates in the 1,500-meter-long street were once used by salt merchants to stabilize boat and people at that time could buy all daily necessities from the shops lined along the street.

Gao, born in Huai'an, accepted the invitation of the organizing committee of the food expo and led 14 overseas Chinese media to participate the tour that aimed to bolster the global image of the city.

Chinese-American author Bing Ling, also chairman of the New York Commercial Affairs, had a special attachment to Huaiyang Cuisine because he was fond of the unique cooking style since a kid. Although he was born in Shanghai, his ancestral home was Nantong, making him familiar with the cuisine. "Huaiyang Cuisine should not be regarded as a regional cuisine, and I would like to see it as a creation out of food civilization." He also suggested Huai'an should build an international high-end brand of Huaiyang Cuisine and pay attention to intellectual property protection. Huaiyang Cuisine should be promoted in the whole world, not just in China.

Lin Zhaojun, member of editorial board of the Yangcheng Evening News, also shared his story with Huai'an. A native of South China's Guangdong Province, Lin visited Huaiyin, the former name of today's Huai'an, 30 years ago and met snow for the first time in his life. With such a beautiful memory, Lin said he found Huai'an has changed a lot in 30 years. The city is clean, green, and beautiful, the functions of the old town and new town are well planned, and the modern venues in Huai'an are also very outstanding, according to Lin. Lin also said it's quite an experience to enjoy the Huaiyang Cuisine dishes often elaborately crafted and marvellously presented.