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48 Chefs Craft Huaiyang Cuisine in Huai'an


A total of 48 chefs competed in the 2nd China Huaiyang Cuisine Master Invitational Competition that opened in Huai'an on May 8, when they also exchanged their cooking skills and techniques.


Huaiyang cuisine, one of the four great traditional Chinese cuisines, is popular for its elaborate and fresh style. The competition, part of the China (Huai'an) International Food Expo, included six categories. In addition to the contest, over 120 Huaiyang dishes including the traditional and newly created ones were presented to demonstrate the unique culinary skills.


Huai'an, the main source of Huaiyang cuisine, was recognized by the Chinese Cuisine Association as "the hometown of Huaiyang cuisine in China". The city also attaches great importance to the development of Huaiyang cuisine in recent years, establishing organizations including Huaiyang Cuisine Culture and Research Association and Huaiyang Cuisine. Huai'an also launched the Huaiyang Cuisine Group and built the China Huaiyang Cuisine and Culture Museum, the first of such in China.