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Huai'an Airport Geared up for Summer Flight Schedule

Huai'an Airport began to implement the summer flight schedule starting from March 31. 

In the new aviation season, Huai'an Airport newly introduced three airlines, Juneyao Airlines, Sichuan Airlines and Fuzhou Airlines. It opened new routes to Yinchuan, Shantou and Wuhan, meanwhile, it increased flights to Harbin, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Dalian, Changchun and Haikou. Among them, the Huai'an-Harbin route had two round trips per day; the Huai'an-Hangzhou and Huai'an-Tianjin routes had three more flights every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday on the basis of the original daily flight. For the summer flight schedule, Huai'an Airport Operation Command Center was put into trial operation on March 26. The establishment of the center realized the effective integration of flight operation command, organization coordination and emergency rescue on the same platform.