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S&T Innovation Ability of Enterprises in Huai'an Continues to Improve
According to Huai'an Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission, in recent years, Huai'an has worked actively to guide enterprises to increase investment in research and development, to promote the construction of enterprise technology research and development institutions, and to improve the independent innovation ability of enterprises.
In 2018, Huai'an added 10 provincial-level enterprise technology centers, with an investment of 370 million Yuan. Enterprises had 334 valid patents in total, including 30 invention patents. In 2018, 107 patents were applied, including 16 patents for invention.
At present, Huai'an has built 1 national-level enterprise technology center, 61 provincial-level enterprise technology centers and 286 municipal-level enterprise technology centers. Meanwhile, the construction of enterprise technology centers extends from industry to construction, software and logistics industries.