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First Batch of Cross-border E-commerce Goods Successfully Imported via Huai'an Customs
On December 24, Huai'an Customs inspected and approved a batch of imported goods, directly purchased through cross-border e-commerce, at the port operation center of Huai'an Integrated Bonded Zone.
The successful customs clearance of the goods marked the beginning of the cross-border e-commerce in Huai'an.
The goods were imported from Hong Kong by air transport, and then transferred from Nanjing Lukou Airport to the operation center for warehousing, sorting and distribution.
Since the beginning of this year, Huai'an Customs has actively communicated and coordinated with local governments, e-commerce companies, logistics companies, station operators and other relevant parties. In a short period of time, it got ready the system test, personnel training, improvement of supervision facilities and verification of logistics means, which accelerates the official launch of the cross-border e-commerce in Huai'an.