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188 Projects in Huai'an Get Financial Support
The declaration and evaluation of the industrial and information industry development fund project of Huai'an in 2018 has been completed. 188 projects in Huai'an have received financial support, with a total amount of 70,605,400 yuan.
This year, Huai'an organized a total of 233 projects to declare the industrial and information industry development fund. After the business review, credit review, the public and the third party audit, consultation and research, 188 projects of 10 categories including equipment subsidies of industrial enterprises, energy saving and circular economy, software and information services, construction of integrating IT application with industrialization, innovation and development were finally determined to get the financial support.
Among them, equipment subsidy projects received 52.22 million yuan, accounting for 74 percent of the total support funds, which reflected the good situation of the city's industrial enterprises increasing equipment investment and speeding up the transformation and upgrading. From January to August, industrial investment in Huai'an increased by 12 percent.