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Huai'an Issues First Batch of Residence Permit for Taiwan Residents
To facilitate Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents to work, study and live in the mainland, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents, the general office of the state council issued and implemented the "measures on the application and issuance of residence permit for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents" on Sept. 1. After that, the relevant department of Huai'an has paid frequent visits to Taiwan compatriots living in Huai'an, widely publicizing the residence permit policy, meanwhile, Huai'an government has done a good job on system upgrading and business technology to provide efficient services for Taiwan compatriots. The first batch of 10 acceptance places has been opened in the city, and 270 Taiwan residents have applied for residence permits. Up to now, the first batch of residence permit for Taiwan residents has been made and issued.