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26 Projects Successfully Signed at Huai'an District (Suzhou) Investment Promotion and Industrial Project Signing Ceremony
Recently, merchants from Changzhou, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Shenzhen, Suzhou and other cities gathered in Suzhou to participate in the 2018 Huai'an District (Suzhou) Investment Promotion and Industrial Project Signing Ceremony.
A total of 26 projects were signed at the ceremony, attracting the investment of 3.894 billion yuan (566 million US dollars). 11 projects signed on the stage had a total investment of 2.858 billion yuan (416 million US dollars), and the average individual investment had reached 260 million yuan (38 million US dollars), including 3 projects of 0.3-1 billion yuan (44-146 million US dollars)and 1 project of more than 1 billion yuan (146 million US dollars).
Golden Amber Optics, China Electric Equipment Group and other well-known enterprises came to Huai'an District for investment and development. Projects of anti-glare glass, automobile chassis parts, power and electrical equipments, scientific and educational of intelligent manufacturing, PC components, high-end home textile fabrics and new materials involves the leading industries and special advantage industries in Huai'an District such as machinery and electronics, new materials, textile and garment and educational equipments, highly according with the development direction of the industries in Huai'an District, which will effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of industries. More than half of the signed projects are at the technological frontier of the industries. Technological projects including anti-glare touch screen and bio-enzyme preparation will speed up the industrial transformation and upgrading and greatly enhance the regional competitiveness of the industrial economy.