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A Police Delegation from Uzbekistan Visits Huai'an
On Sept. 14, Yao Xiaodong, secretary of Huai'an Municipal Party Committee, met with a delegation of police officers from Uzbekistan. Liu Biquan, vice mayor of Huai'an and director of Huai'an Municipal Public Security Bureau attended the meeting.
Yao Xiaodong said, the visit of the police delegation from Uzbekistan to Huai'an was an important thing for Huai'an, especially for the police department of Huai'an. It was of great significance to enhance the friendship between the two countries, promote the exchanges and cooperation, and better serve and guarantee the construction of “the Belt and Road”. Huai'an would like to take this visit as an opportunity to share law enforcement concepts and useful experience and make positive contributions to closer, faster and more practical cooperation between the police departments of the two countries. Through the visit, Huai'an shared its own experience and learned from the experience of Uzbekistan to improve the level of administering the city according to law, serving the people and maintaining social unity and stability. In recent years, Huai'an government encouraged enterprises to “go out” and take the initiative to integrate into the construction of regions along the “the Belt and Road”. Jiangsu Huaiye Technology Development Co., Ltd. has invested in the construction of steel production plant in Uzbekistan, which has received strong support from Uzbekistan, especially from the police department. Yao Xiaodong hoped that the police department of Uzbekistan could give more help to the investment and development of Huai'an enterprises in Uzbekistan.
During the visit, the police delegation of Uzbekistan visited Huaigang Special Steel Co., Ltd., held talks with the businessmen in Huai'an, and went to the supervision center of Huai'an Municipal Public Security Bureau for exchanges of police affairs.