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Huai'an City Upgraded the Dutian Temple Historic District

Dutian Temple Historic District of Huai'an City covers an area of about 297 mu, with a construction area of 242,000 square meters and 1,441 households, which is a relatively well-preserved old town in the urban area. The street named after the Dutian Temple, which was constructed in the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, has 36 cultural relics sites, including the Dutian Temple, the former residence of Zhou Xinfang and Lang Jingshan, the Wen Hui Nunnery, and the Pilu Nunnery.

Since 2022, Huai'an has been optimizing the downtown functions by implementing different types of projects, including the Renovation Project of the Dutian Temple Historical and Cultural Landscape Area, one of the ancient city upgrading projects. Dutian Temple Historic District has two major functions: "Peking Opera +" and "Homestay +". Following the general requirements of protective development, Huai'an city implemented the project with a new development mode of "upgrading and reconstruction" instead of the traditional demolition and construction mode. Importance was attached to the balance of environmental quality and cultural inheritance in this project, which integrated infrastructure support, modern lifestyle, business formats, façade style design, and so on. The culture of the resources of Zhou Xinfang's former residence, the Hongqi carton factory, Dazhong Theater along the Wenqu Line, and the Peking Opera was extensively explored.