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Huai'an Develops Agricultural Machinery to Help Grain Production

In recent years, Huai'an adheres to the principles of boosting agriculture by science and technology advances and promoting the full mechanization of agricultural production, so as to speed up local grain production.

Firstly, Huai'an strengthens the scheduling of agricultural machinery operations, and standardizes the purchase subsidies for agricultural machines. At present, there are 23,294 units of rice planting machinery, 24,188 large and medium-sized tractors, as well as 39,068 sets of supporting agricultural machinery.

Secondly, the capacity of Huai'an agricultural machinery services is enhanced. In light of the grain production and field management needs, the application level of service-oriented agricultural machinery is improved. So far, the city has dispatched 3864 sprayers in all kinds and 1543 plant protection UAVs, driving the city's pesticide and fertilizer use down by 1% year-on-year.

Thirdly, the agricultural machinery safety is strictly implemented. Huai'an organizes relevant promotional activities online during the epidemic, and conducts the repair and maintenance of agricultural machinery actively. Since this year, more than 100 pieces of agricultural machinery safety information have been published through various platforms, and 8000 units of agricultural machinery have been repaired and maintained, both of which effectively protect the orderly and smooth production throughout the city.