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Safety Hazards Investigation and Rectification Comprehensively Carried out in Huai'an Housing Construction

On May 7, Huai'an held a special meeting on the comprehensive and in-depth investigation and rectification of housing safety hazards.

First of all, the city will continue to carry out the relevant work for exiting buildings. Since July 2021, the city has troubleshot 857,400 existing buildings, covering an area of 398 million square meters. 3,485 buildings with hidden dangers have been listed, followed by a three-year regulation plan. 1569 buildings are expected to be rectified this year, 898 of which has already been completed with the rectification rate of 57.23%, exceeding the progress of the schedule.

The second is to conduct investigation and rectification on the tract of self-built houses engaged in business. Since mid-April, counties and districts in Huai'an have been organized for the work, and 131 pieces of land, including 5620 households, have been identified. They were required to complete the investigation and rectification by the end of June.